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February 19, 2007


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I guess I need to pack up my stuff and move to a place with a little more tolerance.

She also needs to look at the prison statitics, not to mention divorce stats.

I would be curious to know what this person thinks of Mormons?

see http://www.ifilm.com/video/2824166

Her delusion is frightening.

Let's just keep fishing, indeed.

Oh dear lord [sic]

Alice, pull my finger.

Stop the country! I want to get off!

(You know you've got a real thinker whenever you see "off of.")

I'm guessing Allah doesn't make the list for Alice.

Where the hell is Soldotna?

I don't want to pray for her; I just want to shoot her. And I'm not even an Atheist. Imagine that!

I don't want to pray for her; I just want to shoot her. And I'm not even an Atheist. Imagine that!

Hahaha, "But you must believe"!

Oh man, this letter passes some sort of WTFOMGBBQ clause not yet found for religious zealots.

And to think, these people actually believe that Ted Haggard is now straight.


well shit my balls. i guess i need to go commit a crime on my way out of the country. i might need help from my fellow atheists to come up with a good crime. or maybe we could all commit one together. we could call it the "national atheist crime day".

i think i'm on to something.

Well, alison, if I were in Tennessee with you (if indeed you are in TN), I'd definitely take you out lasso fishing. Fish sticks with lasso-caught cod are unbeatable.

Guess I'll just have to settle for Greyhounding to Baltimore and insisting on scrubbing all the sinks in the men's room there.

Oh, hey, wanna meet me there and we can go bowling?


I choose to worship the Mighty Soldotna. Our sacraments include not wearing pants on Sunday and on the other days.

Oh, cool.

Are the Biblefuckers going to provide us with tickets to Canada, the UK, or France?

'Coz i'll totally go.

I want to thank all you atheists out there for taking this abuse from these evangelicals. Without you, they'd be doing this to us Catholics.....

Please don't leave.....

Get off of our country!!!

Ugggh.. as a Christian .. I cringe when I see stuff like this by Old Guard Christian Right...

This is not the Jesus I know..

Great Blog by the way

This actually made me feel ill. What kind of crack are people on??

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