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February 17, 2007


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Wow. Psycho. Interesting.

How much do the people get paid that have to kick them in the ass every time it's time to draw a breath?

Doing the work you do necessitates balls of steel, and clearly you got 'em. I'm guessing that your restaurant industry background prepared you well for dealing with unruly assholes, obnoxious drunks, entitled pricks, and the other personalities that seem so common in the blogosphere.

I've learned recently that book critics ain't got SHIT on internet trolls. You'll be well prepared for your first book. ;)

Brittney, I don't know if you find this amusing or not but I find him quite disturbing, but then again, I had a boss tell me this week if I'm causing even a negative reaction, I'm making them read me.
Good luck, sister.

I love when people spell "asinine" with the extra 's.' Makes one think of asses.

RE: tommarow

link #1
link #2

RE: Vox (whoever or whatever the hell that is)

link #1

I've been given shit about doing this sort of thing before at NIT. Nevertheless, (a) idiosyncrasies like this in written speech are, to me anyway, SO MUCH like fingerprints; and (b) I defy you to find two instances of "tommarow" combined with the proliferation of "Vox" instances in any other non-anonymous NIT troll's blog.

muhommadoo--thank you for assinine.

link #1

I'll stop now.

I really touched a nerve, for him to keep writing comment after comment of "piss on this" and "piss on that".

this blog and Vox's blog... which by the way I'm a big part of... make me a big part of the blogoshere




Asshatinine. Which, by the way, is a word I just made up.

WTF... sour grapes, pure and simple.

As usual, I feel sure if he happened to run into you in person and have a conversation with you, the things that came out of his mouth would be quite the opposite. I love how people grow big sets of balls from behind their monitors and keyboards.

I mean, yeah, I said a lot of negative things about Campfield yesterday, but while I would probably be pleasant and polite, there's nothing I said yesterday that I wouldn't say to his face as well if I run into him in Knoxville somewhere. I'd be laughing while saying it, probably, but I'd still say it all.

Dude up there = sour grapes, period.

Sheesh. Forget the codes for abortion procedures, we need the one for Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

If ignorance is bliss, I know at least two people who have achieved nirvana.

Last time I checked, I still have pants.

*Brittany is a region of France and one of the six Celtic Nations. Brittney was hired by WKRN. I wouldn't give her ass a nine. She's got a seven, maybe seven and a half in the trunk.

*I agree! Piss on the French! I don't know who Shawn Hannity is, but if he's anything like Sean Hannity, piss on him too! Oh, no one saw you depants anyone. Mostly they watched you debate with the skills of a smart ninth grader. You made your point, then declared victory. How novel!

* "I need nothing from NiT."
Except attention.
"I want nothing from NiT."
Except validation.
"I don't want to go to the blog get togethers..."
I'm sure you don't. Having to look someone in the eye and defend yourself isn't exactly your modus operandi.
"...or belong to the blog clique."
I assure you, that will never be a dilemma you will have to face.

*I don't know when "tomarrow" is, but if it means your existence is erased, it can't come soon enough.

*By all means, name check your butt buddy. We would hate for a minute to go by without you invoking the name of your man-crush. Indeed, why would you give a damn about NiT when you've got your own circle jerk going on back at Vox and Nate's Bungalow of Love?

*Loathsome is a two-way street.

*Your evil plan to destroy NiT is a Swiss fucking watch. Keep up the good work.

The mere fact you even bring up not missing out on blogging get togethers and cliques says to me you actually do.


7.5 for the ass? SWEET! Personally,I'd give it a 4.

The tits, however, that's a whole 'nother story.

In my comments above I'm refering to the guy, of course.

Well, the ass was a four before I got into this fine gift of Woodford Reserve.

Bourbon makes EVERYTHING better.

BBG @ 2023 caused the troll to spray its shorts. Luckily, Mom does laundry on Sunday.

This guy's need for attention is kind of pathetic. If I were a good person I'd feel sorry for him. But since I'm not, I just hope that his anger and bitterness fester to the point that he is rendered incapable of typing.

This guy's need for attention is kind of pathetic. If I were a good person I'd feel sorry for him. But since I'm not, I just hope that his anger and bitterness fester to the point that he is rendered incapable of typing.

i've got four that i would happily give to that ass

Sorry about the double post. I do believe I'll blame it on the vodka.

No bourbon or vodka, coffee & Bailey's here. But I wish I hadn't just taken a drink while reading Sarcastro's latest. Bailey's is kinda sticky on the keyboard.

Still, that was beautiful, man.

You are absolutely amazing here.

Gee, you mean I'm not the only one who thinks NiT has turned into a bloggers clique?

Kevin, you asked me to remove your blog and your feed and to NEVER mention your blog at NiT again. Then, months later you ask me to feature you once again.

So, don't start with the whole "clique" shit, because you asked to be left out. Prior to your asking to be removed you had been a guest blogger at least twice and were featured regularly on the page. You aren't the only blogger to ask to be removed, then act surprised when you don't get mentioned again later. But I can only go by what you people ask me to do, ya know?

Two points here:
1) Sarcastro is the Thor of the blogging gods.
2) Blogging clique? Every informal or formal (formal, hah)blogger get-together I've known about has been graced with an 'open invitation'. Most of the people I've talked to who came to the blogger meat-ups have been nervous about showing up, but were all glad they came. My point is, this ain't your high school clique. You show up, chat up somebody and you're pretty much in like Flint. Hells bells, when Glen Dean made an entry looking like a nervous cat, he was greeted like royalty. Sometimes you do have to make an effort, i.e. SHOW UP!


Thanks for "in like Flint." I'm going to write on that expression today.

Only one person has prevented me from attending any of the Nashville blogger meet-ups, and it hasn't been our resident Alpha-Male. It's been me, and my illogical fear of directly meeting people whom I already "know" in an indirect way.


I always thought the phrase was "In Like Flynn" as in Errol Flynn gettin' it with the laydeees.

But I'm stupid like that.

Sarcastro wins the pot, here.

And I echo what John & Brittney said about the "clique". It bugs me when people talk about a group of ~150 openly friendly and welcoming people as a 'clique'. I always think there's a bit of the Marx to those who deride NiT bloggers as a clique. They don't want to belong because we will have them.

Dear Brittney,
When there is a particular subject of importance that I hope will get wider publicity I post it on my blog, and I tell people about it. It really doesn't matter if you use my blog as the reference, NiT is still a source of information dissemination, even if it's to a finite group.

I asked to be removed from the blogroll for my own sake, as I found NiT to be too much of a distraction from other endeavors.

That's all, it was nothing personal - my critique of NiT was meant only to help you see where you might want to make changes to it, and make it better.

got nothin' but love for ya.

I know this is your personal blog and you want to express your feelings, ire, amusement, etc about this blogger. But doesn't doing so, even here, just feed into his narcissism, arrogance and delusions of grandeur? Wouldn't ignoring him be the best way to deal with him? In fact, why do any of us engage him and others like him at NiT or on their own blogs if we find them to be non-credible, offensive, lacking in language skills, unapproachable and rude? Why do we pander to him? There were 100+ comments yesterday at NiT because so many were sucked in by the language he uses, the grammar he uses (or doesn't use) and obvious enjoyment takes in trying to prove everyone wrong.

I guess I just don't get what everyone is so pissed off about. Leave him be. Quit talking about him. Quit talking to him. He's gotten (is that a word Tim? I'm never sure) exactly what he wanted out of all of this. Kind of like the Nemesis Boy.

Anyway, that's my two cents on this subject. The funny thing is that I hear a lot of my mother in all of that. (Except the pissed off thing. She'd never say that.)

Kat- I think your only 'offense' in not knowing that the phrase is 'in like Flint' is that you are much younger than me, and that really is offensive, as opposed to your non-stupidity.

Malia - I jump from camp to camp on the 'ignore him/her and they'll go away' or expose ignorance to the light of day and it will be made manifestly clear the extent of said ignorance. In this case, the guy insinuated himself so wedge-like in the 'abortion-death certificate' debate he was hard to avoid.

I have to lean toward's the Britt-narian point of view today because the guy has so shown his ass, and despite his occasional delusional blog droppings about his 'thousands of readers', I doubt many of us would have seen his blindingly smug self-centered nonsense.

Btw..I still have my pants..

About Cliques:

"Flynn" predates "Flint" by like 40 years. So I may be younger than you but I'm apparently hanging out with a lot of 90 year olds.

I'm guilty for purely selfish reasons. I'll admit it. I'm generally of the 'ignore him' stripe, but I was really wanting to have some type of freshman dorm conversation that took my mind off other things, so I happily engaged on Friday. And I will say that up until I read the response post at his personal blog I was kind of impressed with dude's seeming ability to play along to a degree. That's why I was downright amazed to go over to his blog to see him mocking the conversation--and said so.

He did make me think about something, but I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of added attention so when I wrote my post I did not link to the NiT discussion or his blog for that very reason. I didn't want it to be about giving him attention but about the one point he caused me to think about.


That article you linked to said
"So seriously that at times we tend to form groups and coteries, with hierarchies that leave out many others in the cold."

I know I disagree with you A LOT on a lot of subjects. I guess this is another area where we disagree. I don't think anyone at NiT purposefully designs to leave an individual out in the cold, unless they have requested that we do so in a private email correspondence.

the link was for humor's sake... :{

May I add respectfully that I have been to a couple of blogger meetups.
I drove over two hours to get there. It was my choice, I know that, but I found the community friendly and welcoming.
Because of these "meet-ups" I have found a great deal of joy and friendship with people I might not have ever met before.
Whether people decide to go or not, it's a welcoming environment and I have been blessed by the opportunity to meet fine, new people.

(sigh). Unbelievable...


It's not Flint, dude, and it never has been. Sorry to pop that bubble of dreams.

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