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February 21, 2007


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So, like, what's with the green screen chick at the end? :)

Ha! I didn't even notice that. That's one of our anchors, Heather Orne. Not sure how that got on there. Must be something we taped over.

Just thought I'd let you know that when i saw this up on your site, I asked Ian if he wanted to hear your southern accent. According to him, you have no accent. I guess you are ready for an on-air job anywhere in the country.

Lol, you definitely have an accent, to me, anyhow. When I lived in Vermont in the early 90's, I had to use Hartford's airport, so I'd stay in the Sheraton down there. WFSB-3, a network affiliate down there, had a southern weatherman, which was hard to get used to at first, but I thought it was the coolest thing. I guess going into my move to New England, I thought everybody was just born there and stayed there their whole lives.

I know you aren't an example of this, but you are an example of an accent that sounds good unhidden.

I heard more uhs than ums, and uhs are much better so don't fret.

You sounded really great actually.

You're terribly cute and I can't believe I never noticed you have an accent...you sound like Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs.

The "um's" aren't too distracting. I think you did a good job. Very interesting. :)

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