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March 14, 2007


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I have caught myself writing to an audience before, even if it was not really the audience I would have intended. I guess sometime you have to try different audiences on to see which one fits.

I kinda think all kinds of publishers do the same thing. I bet CNN never set out to be the go-to place about missing 14 year old girls, but they sure do write about it alot.

Still, whenever you post some cryptic message about your work blog I can't help but wonder who you are talking about. There are so many sellouts among us.

I shouldn't judge too much, but this move in particular seems painfully deliberate.

I haven't evolved enough to devolve.

And I don't know how I would try to "write to an audience."

But with that said, I can think of at least one blog that tries too hard. And I don't read it as much anymore as I used to.

Devolve? I didn't even know that was a word. Add another one to the old vocab....

If anything, I've started to hold back on what could be read as whining. Too many family members or potential employers who might misread basic venting for more than it is.

I can't say jack shit anymore. I feel like these little cryptic paragraphs are as far as I can go. Compared to what I used to write here, it's hard.

Hey, did you hear that Lindsay Lohan's dad is out of prison?

Nah, you won't see that at my site either. Since I switched to WordPress I have completely stopped looking at my site meter. It's been kind of liberating.

I hardly ever look at my stats. Traffic isn't the point of my blog...I started it as a journal of *my* thoughts, questions, and things I think are interesting. Having people come by and comment is icing on the cake. Blogging is a whole new world for me, and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about it and learning about new viewpoints (having come from such a "black & white" kind of thinking). It's been a very groovy experience!

I have to admit that I look at my stats. I especially pay attention to referrals. But those are just numbers.

What shocked the hell out of me was making the mistake to put up a guestbook. I liked it better when they were just numbers.

I wish I knew what site you were talking about getting too aware of their stats. It's a depressing thought.

I curious - is the "I can't say jack shit anymore. I feel like these little cryptic paragraphs are as far as I can go" sentiment a personal one, or an order from the higher ups?

Pretty much self-imposed.

All I know is that I had serious thoughts about the Dan Radcliff thing and posted them.

I now get about 150 search hits a day from people looking for those search times. I'm not fooled into thinking they're regular readers. But I am shocked at how many people cannot spell "penis".

I just stumbled on to your site.. this is my first visit.. and i love this post... its short.. and it made me think. I'll be back somemore... you've just earned a feeder. :)

Seriously can you explain what you mean here? Send me an e-mail or comment or something...you're an interesting person, very thought provoking post here.

I'm curious too and have been chewing on this today. If I knew the specifics, would I see it from another angle? Do you think bloggers are obligated to abide by a fixed set of standards? I understand your perspective from a journalist's POV, but do the same rules apply to the (gag/sic) blogosphere?
Just asking, no judgement. It is a new frontier.
I would enjoy further discussion.

If I'm reading her mind correctly, there are certain bloggers who used to be nice, polite and restrained who are now undergoing almost a change in personality in order to retain a traffic burst they had a couple of weeks ago.

Whew, glad it's not me. I've never been polite.

I am just on LJ, not blogger, anymore. I made a small nucleus of friends rather quickly, and would get at least a couple of comments each entry (which was about daily). Now, no one seems to comment, and sometimes I wish I could recapture that groove, because it's just a lot of fun to make friendships, of sorts, this way. Now that I've lost that groove I was in, I notice myself kind of "trying too hard" to post something interesting, and I wind up being bored by it myself. Funny how creativity works, sometimes.

I don't have a site meter anymore, Ceeelcee.I have the one on the wordpress thing and I look at it, but not as obsessively as I used to.
Now, I don't care as much.
And the biggest day of hits I had was for a Police thingie I did drinking beer one night live blogging the Grammys. So much for my thoughtful commentary :)
I used to be a bit more politically shrill and when I started the new blog on wordpress, I decided I didn't want to be that person anymore. I'm sure others think I'm still shrill, but now I write about myself more and have gotten some complaints about it.
But I do this for me, but I can see what your saying, Brittney.
Occasionally, this happens at my newspaper in a different way, but people will write stuff to get my attention.
It's very strange and disconcerting.

I wish you would better explain exactly what you mean by "devolution."

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