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March 01, 2007


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Oh man that cornbread was good stuff. When I started working downtown in 98, until they closed I was at the West End Cooker 2-3 times a month.

I always snatched that cornbread like it was the last lifeboat seat on the Titanic. I liked my co-workers, but I've got serious love for Cooker cornbread.

Dammit. Now all I can think about is that bread.

The other rolls, I concur.

I heart Cooker cornbread. I hate that it's not there anymore....I would have been glad to pay for it, but that wasn't how it worked.

However, I doubt throwing out a couple bucks for my bread would have saved the chain....one of my major haunts in college.

I worked with a French chef with similar personality flaws. He was especially fond of throwing sharp things. Between his really shitty attitude and his habit of making kitchen implements fly he prompted two other chefs, a half dozen servers and no less than fifteen kitchen staff to quit. The owner only saw fit to fire him when he threw a manodlin at a server, missed, had it bounce off the pass out and land on a customer's table, knocking their soup into their lap.

He was gone for two weeks before the owner brought him back.

He, like your baker, went down with his ship some time ago.

I'm really glad I didn't know the fat content of that cornbread back when I ate it!

The fresh bread was certainly a draw of Cooker, but I loved me a platter of hot veggies.

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