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March 22, 2007


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I think it's the fact that the company in question is DuPont. However, I kind of hate it when any celebrity endorses a product, like when Scarlet Johansen or Uma Thurman or Bob Dylan do beauty/perfume/Victoria Secret commercials. Their actions in the service of commerce reduce them as 'artists'. Same for Amanda, who is not an artist but a personality. In the end its her prerogative. But God, why DuPont of all companies? She's supposed to be all environmentally concerned and shit.

I have to admit, however, it's kind of fun to jump into the dust-up and add my comments. I especially like how Jeff Jarvis bristles at the criticism when he is such an advocate of 'new media.'

La lucha continúa!

The first time I heard about her was here (http://tinyurl.com/33ublx). She is a moron. Check out her cow "doo-doo" video (you can get to the video link from the article link above). If I had to watch her on a regular basis I would poke out both of my eyes with an ice pick.

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