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March 04, 2007


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I have become aware that there is an entire generation of young women who are terrified of the idea of their toes being covered by anything, no matter what the temperature, so this might be the next big thing.

wait until the girls in iowa find out about these. they will be wearing them in the middle of winter. with no coat, as usual.


it won't stop the morons from turning them into some kind of fashion must-have.

My eyes are bleeding.

BAH!!!!!!! Not even Siouxsie Sioux would wear those....

They already are a beauty must-have in NYC, where I live. I'm seeing them everywhere. Personally...I think they are awesome!


Those are the ugliest things I have seen since Earth shoes. They look like the Podus boots we use at work to protect heels and feet from getting bed sores. Why do some women think everyone wants to see their toes?

Utterly. Off topic, but I haven't stopped by here in a while. The new site design looks great!!

Now what is that?! For people with fractures who wear plasters?!

I would get a cold in these ROFL

Eww. Those are gross.
It looks like a leg cast. Yuck.

I must concur with angulo. One of our gymnasts at Pitt tore her achilles early in the year, and now she's lookin like she has one of those shoes.

If you're a fan of the manga called Naruto, you'll recognize these immediately. They're the kind of boots/sandals worn by all the ninja in the comic. I think they're awesome!!

Thank you, Marcos, for proving just how stupid they are.

I'm tempted to buy a set of these just to prove to my grandkids that they existed just like I did with the "WWJD" board game.

Kinda defeats the whole purpose of a boot, I guess.


In my opinion, a great idea-- if you get pedicures a lot, which I do. These are cool!

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