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April 28, 2007


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I must admit I was expecting a fluff piece, Brittney, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was not.

I am using Twitter, mostly because I try every new service and register my username. But so far I think Twitter reminds me a bit too much of the early days of blogging when many people simply posted what they had for breakfast.

I have many friends added to my Twitter list (yes, including you) but I find it disorienting for friends with more than 1 or 2 degrees of separation. Especially when people use the @ symbol; and in those cases I often feel like I am eavesdropping.

The best uses for Twitter (or a similar service that is bound to come up in the future) are the ones that you mentioned in your report: News feeds, emergency alert systems, and messaging large groups.

Folks I have spoken with who attended SxSW said they found that it was like passing notes in class, and that they found it annoying when people would constantly look at their cellphones each time a new alert popped up, but at the same time they appreciated Twitters ability to alert multiple groups of friends when parties were too packed or a change of plans occurred.

These were the same observations I heard from friends who attended the Computers and Libraries Conference this past week.

I'd tell you good job, but I'm about to Twitter that to you ;)

You kind of looked like you were holding back laughter there, B. Interesting report though. I've seeen that device and wondered about it. I am ejibikated now.


I can figure out the benefits of Twittering now... thx

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