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April 09, 2007


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Get one of those refrigerator packs of Arm & Hammer, open it up and chuck it under the seat. It'll suck that nasty smell right out in a day or two. Works pretty well on dog odors too if that should ever become an issue.

how 100% effing awesome are those random dates marked in the office calendar with plot points from the show? i think this month's item is a reading of michael's "threat level midnight" starring agent michael scarn.

ours is hanging in the kitchen. nothing says class like a pin-up calendar in the kithen.

re videoblogging:

that's a great idea - - you'll be able to start defining a relatively new mode of communication. the hardest part is that there are no rules (yet) and the conventions some have tried probably won't work for you like they worked for other vlogs (zefrank not blinking or user-submitted links on yahoo's The 9). make your own, break the mold, and start serving up piping-hot content on a platter.

good luck!

Why are you trading in your Golf? I thought you two were so happppy together!

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