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April 22, 2007


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OMFG! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh... hard to catch breath... wheeee!

This has got to be a parody. A satirical jab at the anti-scientists who deny AGW.

Oh, and the hed is wrong in the paper: I'm not sure Al Gore has really talked much about global 'warning' _per se_...

Surely this is intended to be satire... well, except for the part where Congress would have actually 'considered' something. *grin*

Best clippy ever!

...DST has also killed dozens of kittens.

This is just an attempt to not answer the hard questions and the dismissal of the attempt to start a discussion is exactly the sort of thing that causes people to dismiss the discussionary attempts you vapid liberals question in your attempts to start a dismissal of the questions. I bet you only let your female dog go down on you in an attempt to push some sort of pro-beastiality feminism. You are only qualified to extract bull semen from moderate quality bulls which will then be used for research purposes only, not for breeding. Opinions like yours make me vomit like a fly at the twenty course dinner after an Italian wedding. If you did not have good tits there would be nothing redeemable about you. Get off the internet and go lie shirtless under a fine American car as it backs and forths tire tracks across your naked belly.


are we to conclude "The Seventh Meat" is "Connie" who wrote into the paper?

Man it is so cool our congress has super human powers to be able to change weather!

Man it is so cool our congress has super human powers to be able to change weather!

Or the speed of the rotation of the Earth, even...!

I almost couldn't comment, that hurt my brain so badly.

I bet the publisher was laughing his/her face off when they decided to include this.

Although it also makes me think that it's satire.

I'm kind of amazed that this woman actually knows how to read and write.

The sad truth is... if you read the letters in the Tennessean, there's shit just that sad and silly almost any day of the week.

come on - they only published the letter because it included complete sentences. Consider the news paper and where it's located. Lots of smart folks around there.

Thomas - That's a man, and he's an attorney!

Also, it can't be a liberal plot by this Congress, since moving the date was part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, passed by a Republican Congress and signed by a Republican President. But what would an attorney know about legislation?

i am having a bad day, and i can say that this thing makes me feel so good. this is how stupid normal people are. and the rest of us make sure the world runs for them, and empty their potty-bowl for them, and listen and nod our heads while they talk about liberal plots or whatever. today, i might try to drink myself to death in honor of this woman. but i will survive.

She is a genius! So, all Congress has to do to cool off the Earth is to pass legislation authorizing a Night Savings Time adding an hour or two of darkness and we are done! Phew - we are saved!

It is a joke.

since it's a fake, i nominate the person who wrote in to "stamp out atheists" as a replacement. i remember that post, but i can't seem to find it. even if this is a fake, it's the fact that it seems so plausible that's scary.

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