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May 25, 2007


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I understand you.

Yeah, it's sad to watch some of my favorite personal bloggers (Choire, you) become professional bloggers ... at the expense of their personal blogging, which I loved oh so much.

That said, everyone I know reads my blog ... and the end result is that I have a private, heavily filtered livejournal, which is sort of hilarious. BUT I LOVE IT.

I can't say that I understand, but I do admire you for what you do everyday on that job. I've said it before, but having guest blogged for you a few times...omg, it is not an easy job! It's fun, but not easy. Add to that being under a microscope...

I've got a LiveJournal site, too...because my mother started trolling my WP blog. Yes, I said my MOTHER. She'd get on and write the most hateful things to commenters. Unreal!

Anyway, just wanted to send my support...

Maybe start an anonymous blog? Just for therapeutic purposes?

p.s. Cameron Diaz shouldn't worry about being too pretty. She's not.

I heart you even if you are burned out.

When I was in high school, I thought it would be fun to get a part-time job at a radio station in my little hometown. Many years later after I parted ways with WRLT, I swore off radio as a vocation, but eventually took a gig in public radio because it was something I loved and believed in and wanted to be a part of. 13 years later, that thing that I used to love is now just a job, albeit a pretty good one, but it has become something that is impossible to enjoy the way I used to (for reasons far too numerous and complicated to get into in a public forum). Point is, lots of us have had the same feelings in our own little pockets of isolation, so I promise you some of us understand.

And ditto to what Megan says about Cameron Diaz.

if i am only sure of one thing it is that being photographed having sex with an octopus is the absolute cure for malaise

At the newspaper, this is par for the course. I get angry diatribes about a variety of things.
You get burned out and sometimes I think I jump off into the land of seriously being depressed because it's so negative.
I guess what I'm saying is, I understand to a degree.
I'm hoping you start feeling better.
p.s. Private blogs with invited guests are wonderful things.

At C but no E, I kind of became jealous of bloggers like you and some others who were so charismatic. I don't want to say I live by number of comments, but it's really neat seeing someone make a meaningful comment on my blog every so often. But yes, I suppose the flip side is that you wind up having to censor yourself, both to keep the blog going and to keep the negative comments at bay. That would suck.

Nowadays, I think I've found the root of all the good bloggers I know, who just blog for the love of it, and to get thoughts out on the web, and hopefully have a sounding board for them.

I cant imagine what you must go through, maybe 6 people read my pathetic page. sometimes I wish I had the kind of readership that you or other "a-list" bloggers have, but after reading this, I am kinda glad I still have my "privacy."

but please don't go away forever, this is one of the few blogs really worth reading ...



Anonymous blogs.
Web 2.0 without the "look at me, i'm me, aren't i cool, be my friend"

I thoroughly enjoy reading your work. I hate you have to censor yourself. I know I do not understand at all. I do hope you enjoy the vacation coming up. ;) Keep up the good work~!

I understand you a bit. My job is very isolating and all I do is write all day for someone else. This means that when I want to write something fun, I feel like I don't have anything left to give - it is draining. But I think I would be sad if I stopped trying.

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