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June 28, 2007


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Shit, girl! It's about damn time -- not that you didn't rock typepad, but Wordpress pretty much kicks ass, and looks better too. And the plugins. Oh man, the plugins. I loff zem. And I loff you. Welcome to your new home!

Hawtness. All the groovy kiddoes are on WordPress.

Well, OK, except me. I'm lazy.

Brittney this site looks great!! I really look forward to reading what's to come...

Love your new digs! Nice & spiffy!

For your resume, I noticed you have a couple of panels. Weren't you also invited to speak at VUMC?

I like this! Very nice!

Nice! Deceptively calming :)

I love widgets! and welcome to wordpress!

Looking good, babe! So's your site...

Looks absolutely great.

Woohoo, girlfriend! Welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress!! Lovin' it!

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