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June 22, 2007


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But Brittney, nobody at your workplace would ever be stressed out again. They'd be too busy laughing (and trying to make it to the bathroom as a result of their laughing).

I just can't see any downside to it. Unless somebody's allergic or has a very very bad fear of dogs. That would be it.

I would give anything to have a dog to moo under the table during particularly soul-sucking meetings.

Hope you all are well and resting and feeling good. We love ya!

But they sure would love being around their mommy all day!

The funny thing? When I show up at work I too give hearty, I'm-going-to-climb-up-to-your-face love to anyone willing to take the full-on assault as well. My lawyers tell me to cut it out but what can I say, I'm all about the climb-up-to-your-face love.

We have two office dogs at my company. Surprisingly, they acclimate VERY quickly. They completely ignore those of us who do as instructed (meaning, we don't give them treats), and basically follow those who cheat around all day.

Depends - some pee on the wall, sniff crotches and leave nuggets for the intern to clean up - parental guidance makes having dogs at work... work!

My dog's a service dog, so for her, every day is take your dog to work day (plus right now I'm pretty much exclusively working from home)- but a day at the office with your dogs sounds like fun! Take your dog to work day is great, but I think most dogs are more than happy to stay home and sleep most days.

This gives me happy thoughts of being able to bring my kitty to work and let him take a nap and purr in my lap as I type at the computer. Unless we're talking Starbucks work, in which case he'd probably be really scared of the steam wands.

Which reminds me to thank you for linking my Starbucks blog and calling the anonymous haters "bitter bitches." I loved you anyway, but it's possible that I just crossed the line into chick-crushdom.

I'm just always so glad to know I don't have the only dog that moos in the world. Whatever Dobie's paternal heritage is (that I have never known) must be the same as some of Cooper's, heh.

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