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June 19, 2007


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Holy famous blogger, Batman!

Congrats! I'm sorry you resigned, but the Forbes piece is very cool.

nice! that's a great picture of you, btw.

Sweet! Too bad it took something really shitty to get you in Forbes. But very cool anyway...


Oh Brittney, just go ask for your job back!

No, they can keep it.

HOLY CRAP! Youse famis!

yeeehaaawww! :)

Oh, and your post title is the best evah.

That's a great picture of you! I'm glad to know you!

Just to think I can say I knew her when she sang "Jolene" for karaoke, why it makes me positively flush with giddiness!

This is HUGE! (and congratulations!)

What Ginger said...

This is HUGE!

That is secretly Terry Frank, I just know it.

Ha! That pretty dang'effing cool. Big! Huge! Gargantuate!

Way to go Brittney! You rule.

Best blog post title ever.

And cool that you could share some spotlightedness with Knewman, who took a really great picture.

Oh, you're SO getting like 10 job offers right now!


Looks like things are looking up for you. :)

JOB GODS: Listen to Ariel.

these Job Gods, they are on the internets??

Congrats, Brittney. The Job Gods are, indeed, watching. I have no doubt :)

I have to agree about the post title. Solid work. Not bad to have some extra visibility during the hunt, either. Good luck!

I really wanted to use "f***ing," due to the alliteration, but I am trying to get a job here. An all-caps F-bomb at the top of the page might not be the impression I want to make.

I know, such a sellout.

no need to get a "job"... it's time you control your own destiny :-)

That is so outstanding. You are famous. Way cool.

You aren't a sellout until you get paid. Also, LOLgrammar doesn't permit f-bombs.

Here is the original pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/knewman/26669375/

We're celebrating this with mass amounts of alcohol.


That's insane. You're, like, famous and junk.

HOT DAMN! That's so frickin' cool!

Good picture though. Maybe this will have a happy ending? Next stop Salon.com?

Congrats Brittney! You know you could re-create Nit here and take all the ad money! I don't visit Nit as much anymore without you. Keep up your good work here. You are always welcome to submit an article to the Nashville Feed. I'd love to have something written from a famous blogger. :-)

How dare those [nice Forbians] bracket anything in your post. Don't ever accept a job offer from those [writers].



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