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June 24, 2007


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That's unbelievable. But don't give up yet: there's still this response:

Unlike other men here ... i DONT think my wife is responsible for cleaning the house simply because ...

Im not a slob and I pick up after myself. What kind of jerk messes up the house and expects someone else to take care of it?

So far, only 12 "me too"s. But at the moment, that's more "me too"s than anything else on the page. The nice guys may win yet!

I saw that and I wanted to kick that dude. It's things like that, that make me dangerously close to becoming a man-hater. :/

Somehow that site reminds me of "promise keepers". It seems to have good intentions, but the users ruin it.

And Brittney, just because that guys wife made a very bad choice in getting married to him doesn't mean that marriage should be forsaken. You shouldn't assume you'll make an equally bad choice in husbands.

Oh...By the way, that guy that wrote that is a horses ass that should have everyone of his brothers in law read that, know it was him and suffer the his fate. Unfortunately, he's not much of man since he posted that autonomously. While he sounds like "wife beater" material, I'm sure his wife can probably kick his ass. No wonder he's so miserable.

Ug. For a truly alternate perspective, check out my friend Kate's recent post on her shift to being a SAHP. Before I give you the link, here's the backstory: Kate's husband stayed at home for the first year and half of their daughter's life, while Kate kept working her IT/Ops gig at Jobster, where I used to work with her. Now that they've switched off the parenting roles, Kate is attacking her stay at home parenting with the same attention to detail that she applied to her IT job. It's awesome to read about.

Anyway, here's the link: http://mynameiskate.com/blog/2007/06/19/keeping-the-house/

Like Marc said, you wouldn't marry someone like that.

Any of those sites make me jaded. What a sad accumulation of humanity.

A stunning reminder of the true cost for the previously coveted MRS degree.

Not all marriage is like that, many are much better and more equal partnerships, but there is a cost involved to be a SAHM in independence, finances and pride. Understand up front what both partners are willing to pay.

So sacred. So sanctified. See, this is why Jesus and God want marriage to be kept within the confines of a penis and a vagina. You can only get this kind of deep, lasting love when it's heterosexual.

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