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June 20, 2007


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The Johnny Sack part was stupid also. The Fleetwood Mac song for Bill Clinton made sense. This choice is really dumb. Can anyone explain the appeal of Hillary Clinton?

Of course, a first spouse who likes Smash Mouth is kinda cool.

And Celine Dion's Canadian. Hillary could have at least supported an American shitty pop singer.

Maybe so, but i'd rather have a beer with her than with Giuliani or Thompson...

I think Hillary's song should be "Highway to Hell".

I kinda hafta agree with Les.....

You'd think she'd use "Don't Stop Believin'", which works as a campaign theme, ties into The Sopranos, and reaches back to Bill's theme "Don't Stop Thinkin' About Tomorrow."

(plus, it has the added advantage of not completely sucking.)

Too bad. The idea of the survey was a good one...

I'm with Les and Klinde on this one as well.
Shitty song.

The other thing is, the song was written as a commercial for Air Canada. She's using someones jingle.

it's probably a great choice, because i hate it. i'm learning that whatever appeal least to me is probably the best thing politically. she should have chosen garth.

I think Hilary loves Celine and she wanted that song all along, and I think the survey was a farce. There is no way that many Celine Dion fans also know how to use a computer.

The fact that anyone gives a rat's ass about whether Hillary should have chosen Celine Dion or Fleetwood Mac or even Cannibal Corpse as her campaign theme-song strengthens my ever-deepening conviction that we are completely and inextricably fucked as a nation. What we are dealing with in Washington, in the nation, in the Middle East, and ... to quote yet another classic rock song ... "All she wants to do is dance." We kneel in reverence before the iPhone as if it bears within its circuitry the very essence of God herself, while Iraqi women weep over the corpses of their dead children. We scream for "justice for Paris Hilton" while Scooter Libby's sentence is commuted - only the second commutation in Bush's entire political career, with the other one being that of cannibal necrophiliac serial-killer Henry Lee Lucas - and the nation doesn't even know who Scooter Libby is, much less what he's done.

Sometimes it makes me want to register as a Republican and campaign for the most vile candidate possible, just so this travesty can end quicker.

Me? No, I'm not bitter.

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