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June 13, 2007


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Wow, that was a lot of hair you got cut off! No wonder you only do it once a year - you'd be balder than Ivy in December if you did it more often. :)

(And it looks good, of course - really healthy.)

Freedom! Whiskey! Sexy!

you are lovely

Hmm...thanks for the reminder, I think I'm past due for mine.

You look great! With big changes come big haircuts. At least that's always been true for my wife.


You looks lovely ! But a bit sad...

You look 20% less stoned than in your about picture. :-)

Woo! Looks great!

I started cutting my own a while back. The good places charge me like $30-$40 and I hate paying $12 to the folks at chains, especially when I walk away feeling like I've been butchered. I can butcher myself for free!!

Hellooooooo nurse...

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