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June 07, 2007


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Snootches, babe. Have fun!

You forgot "Nazi." :)

Seriously, after reading some of the comments on NiT I'm not surprised that you'd want to quit. I've been in lesser but similar situations before. Being a shit magnet is never easy no matter how thick your skin may be.

Life is too short to take on crap like that. You did a difficult but totally appropriate thing. Congrats for not taking it anymore!

Oh, and have a ball in the Noog. I'll be looking forward to the new/improved S&21.

There's a glass, nay, a bottle of wine waiting for you in Sewanee if you need a rest stop in either direction. We'll be there from Thursday PM until Sunday. Tweet me.


It's happening to everyone. I hope you don't feel it's just you.

Have a blast. And don't even think about blogs.

Brittney, I'm one of your readers who stays in the shadows but reads often. I'm very saddened by the events of late and wanted to come out of my lurking place to say that I think you're great and I know good things will come out of this mess. I hope you'll be happy at whatever you decide to do from here on out.

Your Fan,

I wish Murfreesboro was more like Chattanooga. I luv Nooga! I often go there by boat through the TN River gorge - put in at Hale's Landing (first water you see after Monteagle), cruise through the gorgeous gorge, then park my SeaRay (floating apartment) at the Chatt riverfront. Such a great town. While yur there, put on a buzz and walk through the Hunter Museum... and then walk to the Cold Stone Creamery have an ice cream ... sweet cream with almonds, chocolate chips, cherries, and hot fudge.
Hmmm, maybe I'll see you there.

Have a safe, relaxing trip. With ice cream? Yes!

Best of luck to you. I tried to leave a comment on NiT, but it got lost in the circle jerk. UGH, I understand why you burned out.

"To the Noog"

When I first read this, my first thought was that you were going to "The Nuge." As in Ted.

Alas, it wasn't the case. My excitement was for naught. :P

Have fun!

Take the pups to the sculpture garden up in the Bluff View district. Let them pose amongst the aaaaaht. Send us photos.

This is your assignment, missy, should you choose to accept it.

Or just lie about schnockered under the air conditioning with said pups.

Probably a more acceptable assignment to all, I'd say. Let them bark alll the way down Monteagle Mountain, too. Woo-hoo!

(P.S. -- Hee! That photo is cracking me up. "The Mom! The Mom is driving! Driving us! Somewhere! Yay! The Mom! And us! Dogs rule! We are ... get OVER, COOPER (EEEHHHN) YOU'RE ON MY SIDE!")

My ex-wife had a friend in Chattanooga who moved to Atlanta. When I asked why she moved, she said, "Because she finally fucked all the men in Chattanooga."

Sounds like a fun place.

Have lots and lots of fun!

antique district is a great place to eat.

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