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July 26, 2007


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I end up eating out at restaurants alone several times a week. I used to feel guilty about it since I have been a server and I know that one person has a smaller bill (and smaller time) than two.

Lately, I have realized that it is servers who don't know how to empathize with me, a traveling working professions. It is odd, but after that realization I no longer feel guilty.

"Yeah, it is just me and do you mind giving me a bigger table? I am planning to work on my laptop while I eat."


I've been in San Francisco all week and eaten alone at some incredible restaurants. Good God, why can't Nashville have restaurants like these?! Some of the most amazing food of my life and no one has batted an eye about my being alone. In fact, a few times I've ended up at a table next to wonderful people who've chatted with me during the entire meal. That's never happened in Nashville. If you're ever in SF, I heartily recommed Two. Words can't express how good it was!

Eating alone is the last independent and I don't care hurdle I need to overcome...not sure why it intimidates me so much, but I think I'm just downright terrified of someone calling me a freak, like your nutball waitress there. Not that she did.

This reminds me of that Seinfeld episode about Elaine going to great lenghts to get the fish delivered so she wouldn't have to sit alone in the restuarant...LOL

That said, I will eat out alone. It's just what you have to do and I've found either the servers have little idea what to make of you and stay far away (I guess they fear eating alone is catching) or they will hover too much because they feel sorry for you.

There is one place in Smyrna I eat at weekly and they've figured out I come into breakfast on Saturday most times alone. And they're fine with it...I've got to know the waiting staff and when I went in early a few weeks ago, they were all stunned I was there so early. Of course, this is a smaller family run business, so that may be part of it.

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