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July 30, 2007


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I advise you to check out this report. This is the latest and greates from the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point. It states that 73% of the detainees are a demonstrated threat against the U.S. and our allies. This is what a demonstrated threat means:

* explicitly and without qualification supported or waged hostile activities against the U.S. or coalition partners
* fought for al Qaeda or the Taliban or associated forces
* received training in an al Qaeda or Taliban training camp
* received training in the use of combat weapons beyond small arms (grenades, rpg’s, ied’s, sniper rifles, etc.)

What say you about this report?


Amen. Of course, heavy handed partisan remarks always have a way of biting people in the ass later. A little objectivity goes a long way.

Eric, I'm not going to hash out whether the detainees that remain at Guantanamo are or are not all those things that West Point says they are. This post is about squashing discussion for partisan gains.

I think one has to compare the number of convictions of Gitmo detainees to the number of terrorism convictions gleaned under that rather striking woman, Janet Reno, to move forward in this discussion.

>What say you about this report?

I for one say 73% is a low D bordering absolute failure in any school.

Oh, Brittney. Your naievity would be heartwarming if it wasn't so consistantly bordering on criminal. The people who were taken in to Guantanamo Bay were all part of the chain that threatens our nation today, just like that couple in Ashville that attacked a cop and made up a story about how he "broke into their house". This is the sort of thing you endorse? It is impossible to deny that keeping these prisoners at Guantanamo Bay made our nation safer, just as it is impossible to deny the immediate threat that Iran makes to this nation. Maybe if you'd focus a little more on helping your elected leaders sacrifce to win this war and a little less time cunting away with your oversexed dogs problems like this would vanish like the Social Security money that Bill Clinton supposedly set aside, but guess those sort of lies don't merit investigation, huh?


That's fine. I merely just wanted to point out the flip side of the argument.

And can you block The Seventh Meat?? He's just ruining the dialogue on this post!

Many bloggers and pundits have been fleeing from their hardcore hatefulness without really admitting to being wrong or at least hasty about writing their views in the past year or two.

I've never understood those who fear open and free debate. To me that's proof of an absence of logic or reason to your beliefs.

Secret prisons and permanent detention without any charges are the tools of despotism, and deeply anti-American.

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