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July 30, 2007


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The thing is, when I first found Brazen Careerist, it was GREAT! I really dug the writing. It wasn't very personal, but the personality really shone through.

Then Penelope took on an additional writer. The personality was diluted and the blog became very boring to me.

I really like PT as a blogger and writer. I even think she has good career advice. However, after watching her blog go from great to mediocre, I don't think blogging strategy is not her strong suit.

As for the topic thing, I think a good blogger picks a topic and strays from it enough to keep it interesting.

Agreed. But when you MUST blog, a list is a good way get something on the blog that's not too taxing on the mind. Just, you know, not every single post like some people. That shit gets boring.

PT was different than I thought she would be.

BTW, I am really looking forward to back-to-back presentations from Brittney and Penelope at BarCamp Nashville.

Ditto Jackson.

I can't believe how this is playing out. :)

Brittney -

I'd go a step further and say that anyone who labels another blog as "successful" or "not" is foolish - they are what they are to the owners. 99% of bloggers aren't concerned with conventional success. Well put.

As someone who helps clients market with blogs on a pretty regular basis, and who reads tons of blogs a day, I have to respectfully disagree with you. There are different kinds of blogs - those written by experts, that you read to get information, and those that you read for entertainment (like a vast majority of the Nashville area blogs). Those from experts should parse down information (even if it's 'stale') making it easy for me to scan, get what I want, and leave the rest alone. For many of us, blogs are tools, not entertainment.

That is a good point, but it seemed as though Trunk's message was "Specialize or fail." I think that is too narrow a perspective. You are right, blogs are great tools, but I'm seeing the pendulum swing too far in the direction of crafting one's blog with an ulterior motive, then dismissing those who don't write niche blogs as being unsuccessful. I'm saying go niche or don't: both are perfectly possible of wild success.

why is there no longer a blog that meets my very specific needs as a kinkajou

Amen, Brittney. I started my blog as a way to get all the stuff rolling around in my head out. I write all day for a living in a fairly structured way, so I don't want my blog to be structured. It's for my satisfaction and for anyone who happens to dig the way I write. I bounce around from sports to my family, knitting, news, and things I see and hear on the streets. What's wrong with that?

Penelope came over and apologized, which somewhat mollified me, but I wish the 70-year-old woman who'd been blogging for 2 months and was shot down by her could get an apology too.

I can tell on my stats page that she's still coming over to read the ensuing comments, so feel free to head on over and write anything you want her to see! Heh.

Thanks for writing this. Gee, you are such a nice girl.

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