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August 30, 2007


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Pat, I'd like to buy an "A."
That's not right no matter how they attempt to spin it.

@Michael: is this still going on in your HS?
@Katherine: how would it be real world prep? (unless you are in ad sales?) Reporters should get raises based on increases in ad revenue?
@Brittney: this is the dilemma facing HS newspapers. How are they going to pay for printing? Makes a great case for going to dropping the print and going to blog format.

I guess it's real-world prep, but it still sorta ruins the romance of education. It's like all those teachers who now grade term papers on the strength of the accompanying powerpoint.

Weird. I took journalism classes in high school and then got a degree in it. Selling ads was not ever something I had to do. The editorial and advertising departments are completely different beasts.

Not so shocking ,really....

I took Journalism 1 and 2 in HS. Part of our J2 grade was weighted on how much revenue we brought in from ad sales....

Journalists should never sell ads.

Kevin, you're right. An organization's ad sales people should not be the same people writing the editorial. I know of a few places that don't adhere to that, however. And media buyers and marketers don't have respect for those organizations.

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