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October 18, 2007


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No, but I'd like to get back to it. I'd like to give it another go perhaps once I am out there.

Ah, the Embarcadero. I love that part of SF! I'm a wee bit envious.

You had me at stone fireplace and dishwasher and vodka from the landlord. Congrats!!! Sounds awesome. I think you are going to love Crazy Cali.

Sounds like SF is going to be one great big adventure that is starting out pretty super. Just one question though, are you still doing the vegan thing?

Very exciting. Now this was the Joan Crawford house, right?

Sorry for coming late to the party... finally catching up on my reading! Huge Congrats on scoring such a great place!! That is awesome. Berkeley is a great place and you will totally fit in.

I love the Bay Area. That's one of the places I miss most about California. I lived in Fairfield as a child (about 30-45 min east of SF), but dad didn't like going into the City, so I rarely got out there. Then I had a long distance "thang" with a guy in SF for a couple of years when I lived in LA. I visited him every couple of weekends and just loooooved every second in the City. Dang girl. I think I'm a little jealous. :)

Remember us little people in Middle Tennessee (stuck in traffic on Hillsboro) when you're walking to the BART station.

Yeah. I'm beginning to really hate you. ;)

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