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October 04, 2007


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So, when is the drinking? ;)

Are ya gonna meet up with Newscoma, this weekend? If so, buy her a beer, and I'll owe ya yet another one. I've got a long-ass scooter trip to DEEP RED, TN, goin' on this weekend.

If you rent from Hertz, spring for their NeverLost GPS. It is $10 extra a day and I use it all the time.

Ouch, too late. We chose Enterprise. (They pick you up!)

Jeffraham, All drinking engagements will be announced ahead of time.

Mat, the Presidio properties look great, but they allow no more than one pet per household. Maybe we could hide Cooper...

You may want to look into the Presidio. It's got grass, trees, pets, and all sorts of nature, and is just a stone's throw from the shops and restaurants in the Marina. All the advantages of the East Bay or Penninsula without the commute. Plus you're on the water. http://www.presidio.gov/leasing/residentialleasing/

Craigslist: I moved here ten years ago (well, in a few months) and couldn't have done it without good old CL even way back then. (Although at the time I think that was during its incarnation as thelistfoundation.org. ) Still the best place to find a place to live and work here.

I hope I get to see you when you're here this time!

Moving to a new town, I can't recommend enough to buy a portable GPS. Especially house hunting.

Unless the road work on the Bay Bridge has ended since I was there in July, you want to avoid going anywhere near that sumbitch if at all possible!

At some point, go to Muir Woods. Across the bridge, get off at Mill Valley (of Mash's BJ Honeycutt fame) and hang a left.

Driving in Oakland?

The whistles go whoot!

Hahaha. I forgot all about the whooo whooo!

I just finished up a vacation to my home state and I adore the Bay Area!!

Check out Vik's in Berkeley for yummy veggie Indian food!

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