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October 16, 2007


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Don't paint all Weineramers with the same brush. We have one and she is very sweet.

Bitches dig scars.

I got bit in the face by a Weineramer when I was a kid. I hate those dogs.

It looks like she got stabbed with a pencil.

f***. Whenever I see something like this my eyes well up. I think of my old dog Dude, RIP. When I was in law school my parents kept him on a stake/chain, which he hated. He could break away when he wanted, and would drag that chain with him. He got caught on a neighbor's fence and was injured pretty badly, and tried to chomp on anyone who got near him. I had to drive home and untangle him before les gendarmes got to him.

Oh my, that made my stomach turn. Poor Tootie, that looks painful. I hope the wound heals quickly.

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