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November 12, 2007


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Haha.... Tootie and Cooper look really pissed in that one picture from the 11th! Safe travels, you guys!

Let the adventures begin. Have a safe trip. Miss you guys already.

Blogdiva's Big Adventure! Whoo-hoo!

Go go go!

Will miss you so much & can't wait to see you again

Best of luck on your move. I've always said taking trips together proves whether or not you are meant to be together.

And if they can make it work...

...so can you.

I saw this and immediately thought of you. I just thought you needed to keep up on what was going on while you were on the road.

Watch out for wild turkeys around Iowa City. The wife (then-fiancée) and I were pulling off the interstate to find lunch and one flew right into our driver side door. Broke the mirror clean off. Drove to Cali with it duct-taped.

All the best to both of you, really.

Looks like ya made it! Whoo-hoo!

It hurts to see your pictures. They're lovely and simple and full of things I've never seen with my own eyes... the Left Coast!
I miss your boyfriend and would like to be close to the both of you.

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