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November 09, 2007


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The best thing we did during our move was GET RID OF HALF OUR STUFF. Seriously. Have a "Take our shit" party, invite everyone you've ever spoken to, and purge your belongings. Feeeelsss sooo gooood.

Good luck with the packing...but even more than that, good luck with the UN-packing. Even OCD can't help when you're worn out from a move.

My wife and I moved from Salt Lake City to Portland (Oregon) a few months ago and we still have boxes all over the place. This, even after unpacking tons of shit. Right now our house could be a place someone's moving into or moving out of. You can't tell by looking at it.

Some day, some day...

omg it looks like you have a lot to do! it goes so much faster once you start loading the truck. good luck & i'll see you guys soon. i already have a doggie play-date set up.

Okay, that totally stressed me out. Moving sucks on toast.

Your video reminds of how much moving sucks. I will keep this favorited in case the wife ever decides she needs to move again. Good luck!

I made 7 major moves in 14 years. Anything that hadn't been unpacked from the previous move got tossed when it came time for the next one.

I'm nauseated now. Coulda been the moving or the camera...uhhh...moving.

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