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November 19, 2007


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I'm with Ginger. It's been like Ricky and Lucy's trip to Hollywood minus the Mertz's of course.

It's Monday! Break a leg!

Do me a favor...ask the Hedge Neighbor if the truck balls means he's gay.

Bat your eyes and poor on the Southern accent though to make it sound like, in our world, that is a perfectly reasonable assumption.

It has been SO fun to read your trip adventures on Twitter. I'm thrilled for you. Now, go git'em, girl! :)

You ARE lucky! As are all of us that live in this fine corner of the world. Now, when can you come out and plaaaay? You've got my number, right?

1. Keep in mind that bikes are prohibited on BART during peak hours.
2. Google Mark Bittner's book "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill" to find out about where those birds came from. There's also a movie of the same name when you have time for NetFlix.
3. If you thought those pomegranates were something, check out the farmer's market at Market & Embarcadero. Especially on a Saturday.
4. Remember those of us who are stuck in a city with FYE while you're looking through the CDs at Rasputin's.

Have a happy Thanksgiving in the Promised Land.

Oh, one other thing. As you're taking the train into town, sit on the right side and watch the buildings close to the tracks. Somewhere in Oakland you'll see a restaurant with a sign bragging that they offer "authentic Southern cuisine." I always wanted to find that place, walk in and announce, "I'll be the judge of that!" If you need a taste of home and are feeling brave enough to go into that neighborhood, let us know if the claim is true.

The Ferry Plaza farmer's market is too expensive! Go to the Alemany one instead - it's near our house so we could cook breakfast together. :)

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