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November 16, 2007


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Enjoyed following your trip...great photos!
Very jealous about the wine at Target...and Trader Joe's.

Welcome home!

Yes, welcome home.

yea! i am so glad you guys made it without any major hassles. i won't shut up about how badly i want a dog since you guys left. now i just have to plan my visit.

HAH! When I first moved to Seattle, my ex and I found a similar Target...we felt like the biggest country bumpkins ever, gawking at an escalator for YOUR CART.

Love that Target! I keep wanting to give my kids a ride in it, but The Man won't let me!


Congrats on your new home! My hubby, puppy and I are doing our road trip (Topeka, Kansas, to Sacramento, California) next month! We're a little worried about the snow and we know Cali likes to force drivers into snow chains.

But I can't wait to go back to my home state!

Best of luck with KPIX.

Hey, congrats. Kick back, enjoy the high quality sparkling wine (lol) and the free wifi.

So. Damn. Jealous! Enjoy it some for me. You guys comin' home for Christmas?

If you see an amazingly hot girl with long black hair and glasses getting on BART at the Downtown Berkeley station, ask her if she knows a creepy guy in Nashville. I'll be back out there to see her the week of MLK Day. Long ways away!

Did y'all sing that "California here I come" song?

Congrats, and good luck.

Sounds like you found Tanforan - the shopping mall in San Bruno with the Target. I like the shopping cart escalator too - there's also one at the Bed, Bath & Beyond in SoMa, which is right next to a Trader Joe's that often has good prices on wine.

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