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December 13, 2007


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I always wondered why Starbucks didn't have more food.

There are two right across the street from one another on Battery. I pass one or the other on my walk every day, depending what side of the street I am on.

Yay! Isn't it grand? Do you have the wraps, too?

I think that's a "big city" thing, which is why Nashville is just now getting it, 5 years after everyone else.

Do they still do steamed milk with whatever flavoring you wish? I always liked those in the 'Buck's early years.

Somewhere downtown (right off Powell Street if I remember correctly) you can see one of Lewis Black's signs that the end is near: a Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks. Yes, I stood there momentarily with my head going back and forth, gawking in disbelief. In a city where nearly everybody walks, you wouldn't want to have to cross the freakin' street to get to a damn Starbucks!

When you come to Seattle for a visit (because you're coming, right?!) you will see just how different Starbucks can be here in the land of The First Starbucks. (Hint: the mermaid used to have nipples!)

We've finally got that action here in Nashville, too!

but at least it's still a comfort to know they're overpriced everywhere.

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