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January 10, 2008


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Change "affect" to "effect".

At first I wasn't sure, but by George, you are right. Thanks for the correction.

I tried to be cute by including false [editor] - [/editor] codes, but it didn't show up.

This KRON situation is kind of funny. I've noticed it's lack of affiliation for a while. I know down south in San Diego, KUSI entered the market as a strong independent back in the early 80's. Then, sometime in UPN's early years, they gave KUSI affiliation rights. But after a few years, they were revoked in favor of a new station. KUSI remains a very, very strong indie, if I recall, but it's not like UPN is NBC, so maybe their situation is different.

I'd love some economic analyst to go over all of this. It is fascinating, especially with KRON, which is the first station I ever became aware of in the bay area.

I'd love me some evening Dr Phil.

kron4 used to rock it back in its NBC days. then they went indy, Pete Wilson (RIP) left and the only good thing airing these days is Bay Area Backroads.

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