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January 11, 2008


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I thought Vesuvio was in Newark, NJ. :)

"Arthur Bucco, warm and convivial host..."

Good idea to list these. I'm gonna try to, from my trip there last week:

Pig and Whistle
Rockit Room (a little trendy-new, although no one was in there, the music was good and Rebel Without a Cause was on the TV, which makes any old joint lush and gorgeous)
Little Shamrock
The Plough and Stars
The Bitter End
Herbivore on Divisadero (yum, extra good)
Greens (yum, if pricey)
Naan & Curry (like Indian Krystal, I thought)
Thai Delight in Berkeley
Odd cavernous Mediterranean Caffe in Berkeley near campus
Giorginos on Clement
King of Thai Noodle House 2

You forgot Tandoori Mahal. :)

oh man. i lived there a little while, years ago, and i liked LuLu a lot. it has like ovens in the restaurant, and like a raised part? or am i thinking of something else?

SF smells so nice.

Carl's Jr. in SF somewhere. :p

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