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January 22, 2008


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Good God, woman, you drove a buggy through a grocery store? Were there any casualties? Why didn't you just use a shopping cart?

Haha, is buggy a Southern term?

That's awesome. Finding the stuff of old home in your new home, plus more. Sounds like a good move thus far, BART vomit aside. I hope exploring never gets old for you.

Wine in a grocery store. That's just damned civilized! I miss California.

I push a "buggy" through the grocery store each time I go.
Never really thought of it being a southern "thang" but probably ranks right up there with hose pipe (water hose) and hot water heater.

Berkeley Bowl is indeed good, but it's pricey.

Have you checked out Monterey Market yet? It's actually almost walking distance from your house ... the finest greengrocery in the bay area IMHO.

Reading about your adventures made me hungry. Even that store might make me want to start cooking again.

That sounds like an awesome grocery store! :)

If I could I would take Berkeley Bowl with me wherever I go. Where other stores have cucumbers, Berkeley Bowl has English cucumbers, Persian cucumbers, Armenian cucumbers, Japanese cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, pickle cucumbers, baby English cucumbers (v. diff. from "grown-up" English cucumbers)... All for less than $2 per pound. It's the Amoeba of grocery stores.

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