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January 31, 2008


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Yep, random newsroom employees.

The voiceover says "researchers at Clemsen University found..." just as it cuts to y'all eating chips. It seems like an intro to a shot of the researchers being all sciency or something. Y'all even look like grad students in a lab....

Dintcha know that Clemson now has a West Campus, somewhere on Battery Street?

You random-looking person, you! The other Joe Publics, were they coworkers or...?

How cute!

Ok, jokes over...you can come home now...

/miss you

come back to us briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitney

Aw, see? They've opened the door. You'll have your own show by 2010.

Hahahaha! That's great. Gotta love the perks of working for a TV station! :)

very nice coordination of everyone's clothing. so bright.

I was gonna say what cybersherpa said.

But...I remember John Stossel (? I think) did one of those myth buster/give me a break segments on like 20/20 about double dipping. The conclusions there were that it's really not AS bad as everyone thinks it is but more of a personal preference thing.

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