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February 27, 2008


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dang, I have the month of March in the Hobbs Meltdown Pool. if he can just hold on a few days ....

You and I have said all along that it was but a matter of time, Ms. Gilbert. So did you have Feb 2008 in the Inevitable Public Meltdown Pool?

Is there anyone on the fence who would be swayed by this? Anyone who would hear this and think "wow, I've been lied to by Obama all this time"? Anyone at all? This really feels like a bunch of people laughing at an inside joke and telling themselves how smart they are while no one outside the group cares. The Tennessee Republican party has devolved into two guys sitting in the corner looking at Star Trek trading cards because they think they're too superior to ask a pretty girl to dance. High five each other, fellas, but try not to hurt your jerkin' hand.

I don't feel surprise so much as despair and disgust.

There's only one reason why the GOP would beat this meme to death. There's really no 'no-no' on saying what Barack Obama's middle name is, but using it so much, driving it into the ground is a clear signal that you are trying to paint Obama as un-American and un-patriotic without having the courage to say that straight out.

Like I said, I feel despair more than anything else. That the GOP is willing to do it generates the disgust, and the despair comes from the fact that so many people see it for what it is, don't care, and identify as conservatives and GOP anyway.

There's nothing they can do that they are not ashamed of. And there is so much that they should be ashamed of.

Oh my Allah.

Brittney, your lack of understanding is one of the reasons I'm always so shocked you last as long as you do in the mainstream liberal media... oh, wait, I'm not shocked at all. You're probably up every night dreaming of his big, black platform

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