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February 27, 2008


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One of my favorite Restaurant story of yours is when someone stole the "Joey" from Outback.. LOL..Cracks me up

In a city with countless amazing restaurants, people actually choose to eat at Joe's Crab Shack?

It was never said explicitly, but if a server had a table skate they were written up. If it happened again they were fired.
This was at Bennigan's in Va Beach, late 90s. My last corporate restaurant, it was family owned after that. I still have occasional nightmares that we're broke and I have to go back, even though it's been five years.

a) I have worked at three major chain restaurants (2 of them owned by the same company), and all restaurants have told us that it is illegal for servers to pay for those who dine and dash. I am not entirely sure about 2 of the restaurants, but at the first one where I worked, the first time it happens, you got a freebie, the second time, you got written up, and then the third, probably worse? I am not sure, because it's never happened to me.

b) Also, in all the restaurants I've worked it is strongly forbidden to chase after people who dip out; although, some of my co-workers have.

Both illegal and bullshit to have a server pay. They didn't eat the food nor is it their fault they took off. Its crazy to even think that a server can "control" someone who is looking to roll.

But chains are bullshit, and no one should work for them, let alone eat there! :(

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