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February 27, 2008


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Of course her school would have listed her as "Busey-Hunt, Brook" but I think her stripping is worth a mention here, since the official story is that she was "discovered" because some guy found her blog while searching for porn and that sort of makes the stripper part important to the official story. The part that you should be asking is why don't more people think of her as a blogger?

It is disconcerting when The Internet tells me what I should think. Although in this case he is right.

Well, maybe, but if she were a janitor or a rocket scientist I am supposing that they'd identify her that way too.

Her name is actually "Diablo Cody." Or, as she might have been listed on her school roster, "Cody, Diablo." But not "Cody Diablo." (sorry)

D'oh! I'm glad for the correction, thanks.

I like her tattoo. She wears it (them? *shrugs*) well.

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