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February 25, 2008


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The only reason I knew it was on yesterday was from reading all of my blogs in the Google Reader.

I end up watching the whole award show all the way through every year. I can't seem to stop. That said, last night's telecast was probably the most boring one in recent memory.

I know; I feel the exact same way. I actually used to host Oscar parties and have my friends over to watch. In my current house now, I don't even have TV! Haha.

After three years of liveblogging the Oscars for movies.com, it was such a stinking RELIEF to have no freaking clue about the Oscars this year, and barely even notice it. I looked at some dresses online, noted Diablo Cody's win, and that was about it.

I feel so out of step. This was the first year in a long time where I was actually interested going in and was pulling for actors and movies I liked, instead of against people and movies I didn't want to win.

I watched it with my next door neighbor, who hates Jon Stewart, and even she was giggling at his schtick. All the "No one cares" talk baffles me. I cared.

I don't normally like award shows. However, I wanted to watch, because I do love Ellen Page (and wanted to see what she wore). Unfortunately, I had chosen to go to Washington D.C. for a Pitt gymnastics meet, and got in this morning at 3am.

Eight years ago I had plans on winning one.

How times change.

Me too. I used to work in the Industry and we would always get to leave early on the Monday of the Oscars (back in the day when they were still on Mondays) because everyone knows the most important part is the red carpet before hand to see who's wearing what and who is with whom.

I vowed not to watch again after last year bored me to tears. And then when I saw the nominees I knew it would be a snoozer. I caught maybe the first five minutes and then switched to a dvd.

So sad. I'm not sure even bringing Billy Crystal back as host would bring them back from oblivion.

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