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February 13, 2008


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Thanks for this. Very interesting reading.

Whhat a horrible story, but -- Ed Meese? Really? Is there anything that scumbag wasn't involved in?

A nasty situation. I've never heard that particular story in all the praise of Reagan that goes around these days. But misnamed. Judging solely by what you posted there wasn't Federal involvment (though their should have been). Sounds like California's National Guard acting solely under the Governor's orders.

A great victory over the Berkeley Hippies. to bad the Sheriff's Office didn't teach manners to the marine protesters

After seeing the current state of Bezerkely, it just goes to show that McCarthy did not go far enough. Berkeley is indeed a haven for communist and other miscreants. After seeing that city on the news day in and day out, it sickens me that the nuts are running the asylum.

The portion of the article that states at least one of the tear gas cannisters landed on Willard Junior High School grounds is correct. My mother was in the 7th grade and a cannister landed in her Spanish class.

Imagine...if this had been a college in Utah and the kids were packing weapons!!

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