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March 17, 2008


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I did follow your trip on Twitter. I just couldn't ask you if you included Point Lobos in your excursion.

So: did you?

Oh, and:

I didn't. This was a short jaunt. Will have to do that next time, as there most certainly will be a next time.

I follow you on Twitter, and enjoy your hour-to-hour musings, but I miss your more in-depth writing that this site used to reward us with. I hope you'll not abandon old-fashioned blogging, though I'm sure you aren't thrilled about writing a long personal blog post after a full week of work. Glad you're enjoying the Bay Area. You aren't missing much of anything here in Middle Tennessee, though I'm enjoying my first Spring here.

Thanks, Brian. I miss it, too. I just happen to be at a place in my life right now where many things are better left unblogged. And those things are making it hard for me to concentrate on the bloggable stuff.

I'll be back though. Soon.

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