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April 01, 2008


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Ooo! I just found out! In case you didn't know, the neglected Lost Highway has finally made it to DVD, signaling the final deathknell for my laserdisc player. Guess I'll name it Dick Laurent now that it's dead.

done a few of those - like sleeping with a cat in a hammock (too fine for words) and sampling absinthe (whoa!). and i've had the fortune to be a monster in several haunted houses (double woot! for that), but i would not only like to host a Lynch-fest, I yearn to own and operate a drive-in showing the most funky and eclectic mix of movies imaginable and offer everything from sushi to Milk Duds in the concession stand.

Done eight of those! And jury duty's not nearly as much fun as you might think. Especially when you get called for the fourth time. If I promise not to speak all the good lines aloud, can I come to your Lynch-fest? I can always use another good excuse for making trips to SF. (As for my main excuse, I'm coming to see her as soon as the fund drive is over. Even though we never met face-to-face in Nashville, I'd offer to meet up and buy you a drink or twelve, but I don't know how much free time she's going to leave me.)

There is not enough paper to tell you how much you mean to me. I love you.

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