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April 29, 2008


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Yep, those are all things I've expressed my displeasure in.

*deep, sad, discontented sigh*

Also, The Internet!!!

We think y'all are doing just fine. If they don't get y'all it's their loss.


I probably can't point out anything that you haven't complained about yourself already but let me echo the shittiness of the software interface, especially for comments:

1) no link back as mentioned

2) comments separated from content. requires a second click to see them. can't re-read the article while commenting.

3) said link is a f*ng javascript link that you can't bookmark or link directly to.

3) related, no comments over rss

4) Can't get back to the article from the comment page

5) captcha

6) reverse chronological / top-posting is EVIL

...just off the top of my head :)

I need to be consistent, for sure, I agree. Think I'm gonna stick with "I," though initially I got a little push back in using it. I think *writing* the Royal We is much, much more fun than reading it. Duly noted.

Tell your tech boys that even a third grader can handle a hyperlink and they have no reason for that autofill shit to be screwing up every time someone wants to post an http. Just because some top level VP got his dick sucked is no reason you should be annoying people who want to be a part of the community your bosses are claiming they want to build.

Re: commenting

May be related to comments not having a link for your blog.

Yep, that is the Number One commenting problem with a bullet. Bloggers comment for lots of reasons, but almost all of them want readers to know where they came from. It's a traffic game.

This problem has been identified by me numerous times. Prospero doesn't allow for it. :(

Re: the royal we
I don't like the "we." It detracts from your voice and sounds like you're speaking for someone else.
If you must use it, be consistent.

As for everything else, I always thought you found the right balance at NiT. I know it has to be adjusted for a totally different market, but it seems like you're figuring it out.

Second Shauna on the "we." Chattanooga TV station blogger, though I like him, does that too much.

Or, as my sassy wife would say, "Who's 'we?' You and the frog in your pocket?"

In lieu of "I" or "we", I believe you should refer to yourself as, "this writer". I.e. "This writer believes, yada, yada."

It's just pretentious enough, without overdoing it.

They hired you to write it so use "I". The pushback will fade away as it did at KRN.

Hi Brittney,

This is Mayka from you know where. :) I must admit I merely glazed over your laundry list of blogging "I wonders," but hopefully I get some points for backtracking through your blog. Anyway, it's an interesting and valiant effort that CBS has put you to! Beyond the limitations you listed above, I'm guessing lack of images also makes for the difficult accessibility of such an "Eye on Blogs."

To give you the two cents of someone who received a little traffic from your aggregation, though, it seems the shorter, one-liner comments lead to more click-throughs than do longer sets of copy. American attention spans, what can you do?

I see you live in Berkeley. Feeling the wrath of the recent (and ongoing) Acorn raid at all?

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