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April 01, 2008


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holy moley! that's got to be a most tense situation for one and all there. akin to a hand grenade going off nearby.

here's to you being a keeper!!

If KPIX was getting it hard with a loss in advertising revenue, why did they decide to compete against KTVU (the ultra king of the 10PM news?). All KPIX did is tick-off the CW44 fans of Family Guy by fixing the schedule so there's no back to back of one of the best animated shows around.

This news will connect with many of your Nashville readers who remember John Lobertini's father Bob who did the weather at the local CBS affiliate both before and after a stint at KGO in SFO.

John's dad's nickname for him was "Dino". Maybe he still goes by it. If he is at all like his dad he will definitely land on his feet and keep on keepin' on.

Please relay my sorrow and good wishes to your colleagues, now and former, Miss Brittney. Been there. It's the same damn thing on the print side. I'm just proud that well-trained young journalists like you are still in there fighting. Offer some ethics training to your compatriots, why don'cha?!


I worked at 'PIX with Manny in the late '80s when we were both in the South Bay bureau. A gentleman and a great reporter, absolutely. What professionals in local TV like Manny have always done is care a hell of a lot about getting the story, getting it right, and working their tails off to help their communities get the info they need to know. Unfortunately, to their corporate bosses, it's all about the bottom line. What product can I put on the air that will make the most money? If I can do that with a younger/cheaper reporter, that's what I'll do.

It's a lousy way to run an information gatekeeping business. The operative word, sadly, is "business."

My sympathies to Manny and his family.

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