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May 13, 2008


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I'm sorry. It's so hard to see someone about whom you care suffer so much. There's not much more that I can do or say than I'm sorry.

When I had mono the first time, I got all sorts of really bad ear/nose/throat infections. With one, my throat was so swollen that it was almost closed. I went back to the doctor to tell him I could hardly breathe, but all the asshat said was, "Sorry, you have mono, there's nothing I can do." I protested that I know you can't "do" anything for the mono, but you CAN treat the symptoms/infections. He basically kicked me out, and so I went down the street to a walk-in clinic. They gave me a shot of cortisone in the ass, a nice concoction called Magic Mouthwash (lidocaine, nystatin and mylanta at the CVS I worked at) and some strong antibiotics, and I was feeling much better after a few days.

Is his doctor giving him anything to help fight what's kicking his ass? I totally feel his/your pain. Mono sucks some serious balls.

I've had that shit twice. The first time I was in way more pain than the second, probably because I went to a different doctor for the second bout (I went in, said "I have mono, I know my body" and the stupid NP said "NO, YOU DON'T" and then came back with my blood results and said "so...you have mono." Dumb ass. But that's a whole other story) and the new doc prescribed prescription strength ibuprofen, which made all the difference in the world. Not that mepergan wouldn't be even better.

It really really sucks, and your immune system is so borked that you pick up every other thing you come in contact with, but it really does get better. Once he's got some drugs in his system and the pain abates a little, maybe you can have some marathon DVD watchings.

Hope you both feel better very soon.

Shit, shit shit. Feel better soon lavidalibre.

Copious amounts of sympathy from another mono survivor. I was miserable for weeks until they finally gave me prednisone.

Don't let Barry Bonds turn you off of steroids. They are a wonderful thing! I hope your friend bounces back soon.

He's on rx-strength ibuprofen, vicodin during the day and codeine at night. Even that is not enough. Wondering if he should go in for a cortisone shot/magic mouthwash thingy that Megan mentioned.

So, here are more options if I understand correctly:

"magic mouthwash"

Basically looking for any sort of pain-alleviating alternative. Been told antibiotics don't help with a viral infection.

No, the antibiotics wouldn't help the actual mono, but I don't know if they wouldn't help the rest of the stuff he's suffering from.

I'd go for that magic mouthwash.

If he can't breathe, you could try eucalyptus oil in a humidifier. No humidifier, just put drops of it on the stove in boiling water.
Or in a bath.
There is something oddly comforting about it.
That's all I have but wishing both of you some peace from pain and discomfort.

Yeah, the thing about mono (besides its general shittiness) is that it's a virus that will be with you forever. The symptoms eventually go away, but the virus (caused by the Epstein-Barr virus) will lie dormant in your system forever. Well, it can flare back up again under certain circumstances (kinda like chicken pox), but it's rare. Or so I hear. I had it twice, but the second time was nowhere near as bad.

Anyhoo, the mistake I've run into by a lot of doc-in-the-boxes is that they know that mono is a virus and immediately think "Oh, I can't treat that!" But because it fucks with your immune system, you end up getting a bunch of infections (most relating to your ears, nose and throat). But those you can treat.

The reason I'm being all preachy here is because 1. I had it and dealt with an asshole P.A. who wouldn't help me, and 2. I was the lead certified pharmacy tech for CVS for six years and saw tons of college kids come by asking if there was anything they could get over the counter "for their mono." Yeah, those nurse practitioners at MTSU sure were smart.

Anyhoo... if he can get to a doctor who will give him antibiotics for whatever kind of infection(s) are making him feel like death on crackers, also ask for some Magic Mouthwash. Every pharmacy makes it different, so be sure the doctor writes on the prescription what ingredients he wants on it. It varies, but when doctors wouldn't specify, our CVS would use Nystatin (an anti-fungal which will clear up any white spots-candida-he might have in the back of his throat--like with strep), lidocaine (the most important thing--it numbs whatever it comes in contact with; it's awesome) and Mylanta or Maalox (it coats your throat and has a nice cool feel to it). Sometimes we put benadryl in it, too.

Anyway, sorry for hijacking your comments here, but I hope this is helpful. If I can help in any way, please just shoot me an e-mail. I'm so sorry y'all are having to deal with this. :(

I just realized I say "anyhoo" a lot. I am a dork.

'Yo Joe'

I wish the best and speedy recovery - it's only a matter of time and will.

From one former Tennessean to another :)

That Magic Mouthwash sounds like something I might want to keep in the fridge.

Steroids don't actually cure anything; they just tell your body to quit fighting back so damn hard. That's why they're so helpful for poison ivy as well. Mono is a mean-ass virus and your body tries everything to fight it.

I hope you and lavidalibre get through this soon.

Thanks for all that, Megan. Knowing is half the battle, and all that.

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