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May 08, 2008


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If you're taking one of Frontier's morning flights out of SFO, just across the concourse from the gate is a restaurant called Perry's. You'll want to get there early enough to have breakfast. I always eat there before I leave just because it amuses me to be reminded that one of San Francisco's airport restaurants is better than many of Nashville's "real" restaurants.

Ahahaha. I knew that Otto was a perv.

Will be seeing them and their mommy, no doubt about it.

My dogs would like to see you while you're here. Please plan accordingly.

PS They love to talk about ben wa beads while sitting around Bongo, so you'll feel right at home.

I may move just to buy booze on Sundays. It's the principle, man.

I hope to finally meet you if there's a big get-together.

Gosh - I ran into reverse culture shock when I lived in Kansas for 2 years. When I visited friends in the Bay Area, the culture shock was like slipping into a warm pool and trying to adjust my body to the first jolt of wetness. I'd fly back to Oakland International and smile at seeing other Asians walking around and listening to all the different languages and accents. Then I'd eat too much food in the East Bay and SF - simply because of the diversity in cuisine. Oh, and I'd slowly start talking smack about the GOP and Intelligent Design and be relieved that no conservative Topekan is glaring at me for expressing my opinion.

Good times.

i also experience reverse culture shock when i go "home" to michigan. it's not just the music and the clothing and the food (although that's enough), it's the general commenatary and social value system. and yes i have to remind myself not to mention certain things. my cousins and people in my family ask me about my life and what i do for fun, and i have to basically just say "oh, you know, the same things you do. hang out with friends. watch movies" in order to avoid seriously uncomfortable conversations. i have to explicitely NOT mention what kinds of friends and what kinds of movies, etc.

and often i also have flashes of the wide gap in culture and think - wow. example: last night at a weekly dinner gathering of friends one of my male friends repeatedly discussed and showed *photos* of himself getting manwaxed front to back to everyone in attendance. he is not gay. i was just like - wow. that is something that would never happen back in the midwest.

I am, as I have said before, a native Californian, born and mostly raised in San Diego. I always feel pretty well tied into my city, except when I go back. People are just different out there. Laid back, but aloof as well. And the scenery is just too new and unweathered, odd as it is to say. But, it'll always be home in a way, and my parents live there, so that alone is a strong pull.

Not sure what all I've said, but at times, I feel slightly like an outsider in both San Diego, and my adopted home of Pittsburgh. It's uncomfortable. But then I realize San Diego has happy, indellible memories, and Pittsbuirgh represents a good present and future.

Have fun, Tennessee-born Californian. You have interesting adventures ahead wherever you are.

My first trip back to Nashville after having lived in Los Angeles for 6 years was so much fun. It was neat to see the city starting to embrace some new culture. There were definitely many more Latino and Asian people, places, and things, and it seemed like the city had grown up a lot more.

Outside of Nashville, however, things seemed a bit less than ideal - I totally agree with the 'reverse' culture shock comment :) Don't forget your 'southern cross' if you venture too far out of the city... ;)

I remember when I moved to LA a few years ago, living just a few blocks from Venice Beach, not really thinking much of it aside from enjoying the beach and the views and the like. I've lived in plenty of non-California places despite being a "native" californian and am not a snobby snot.

Then I had to fly back east for work, and had a stopover at Midway Airport and it just sorta hit me that I wasn't in LA anymore like a ton of bricks when I was suddenly in a facility full of people who DIDN'T have plastic surgery, were NOT all aspiring actors or screenwriters, and all the food was starchy with a side of fat.

Then I got to New England and remember thinking how a) old b) green (as in color not as in hippie) and c) just DIFFERENT everything looked from Caleefornya. I liked it just fine, but was glad to be back to the land of Green Season and Brown Season when I got back.

Hoping to see you! May there be many a party in your honor.

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