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May 01, 2008


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I can't blame you for wanting to stay right where you are. San Francisco is filled with wonderment. I could picture almost everything you described, and it makes me want to be back there so bad. Soak it in for all of us who are stuck somewhere that's not there.

I want pictures of the slides!

i miss your so much it hurts,live life to the fullest, love the newness of everything thats around you but what ever you do be safe, be kind, and be home soon dad

This is the sort of thing that could make me hate you for being where I want to be while I'm stuck where you were.

I'm glad at least one of us gets to be there.

Aw, Dad. I read your comment in the middle of the train station where I promptly burst into tears.

I love and miss you, too. So, so much.

Great post. Sometimes I forget how much and why I love it here. It's hard to see things with new eyes. So I appreciate this.

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