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June 20, 2008


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i remember when i moved to la from sf (i've since moved back) i always had this anxiety about leaving the house without a sweater. in sf, you couldn't possibly imagine going out, especially at night, without something for warmth. la, as i came to find out, has no such need. for the first couple of months i'd bring a sweater "just in case", but eventually i realized it was too much to carry, so i gave up.

Today? T-shirt and khakis. Yesterday? t-shirt and khakis. The day before that? T-shirt and khakis. I think the previous day might have been khakis and a t-shirt, though.

I will day that the last time I went webshopping for clothes, I was looking for a cap and t-shirt, both soccer-related, since I like soccer. Never have I ever worried about clashing (or lack thereof). Light blue baseball cap with "Rapids" in purple. OK, cool. But for whatever reason I agonized for an hour as to what to buy with it. It's like I had never bought baby blue before. And a gray "Washington Soccer" tee shouldn't cause such anguish. Either buy it or not. It's not like deciding between brie and swiss for your roast beef sub.

I'm glad I'm not a girl. Too damn many choices.

I remember well one of the times I was the coldest I've ever been outside of when there was snow on the ground was in San Francisco in the middle of July. I couldn't believe it, but there ya go.

Yeah, for such a "temperate" place, I've had to learn to carry more layers around with me than I ever had to while living in Reno. Of course, you don't walk too many places in Reno; you drive everywhere. Just the micro-climates in San Francisco can have you peeling off layers or putting them back on again depending on where you're going. I'm always cold in the Mission; I can't wear enough clothes there.

layers is/are the only way to go in the Bay Area. I learned this the hard way when i moved up from LA and taught at UC Berkeley. love your twitter page!

i love what the weather here has done for my wardrobe. i have so many alternative ways to wear everything; every outfit is really 3 outfits; everything i buy must go with something else. i have awesome scarves and wraps and tons of pants that go well under skirts. after 10 years living here, i am now on the opposite end, where i hate going somewhere that is going to be either really hot or really cold, because i have nothing to wear. everything i have is meant to be layered.

if you go here tomorrow night, you just might find some really fun layers:
6-10 pm
135 Dore St. btw 9th and 10th/folsom and harrison

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