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July 21, 2008


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yay! your ass better be back here on the 30th don't make me go to Nashville to drag you back. let me know if you need a lift.

Make Lisey come get your ass! We wanna meet her, too.

Looking forward to drinking, err...catching up with you.

Oh, I hope I get to actually meet you!

Hot damn! I'll have to reserve Ginger and my shared babysitter for a night or two...

Booze. We will drinks it.

Kick ass, I can't wait to see you again! :)

I totally took off work Tuesday thru Friday that you will be home. That way we can do WHATEVER you want! My couch is open but I also have a King Size bed. I promise not to spit on you this time.

xoxox I can't wait to see you!


Can't wait to see you again!

Oh yay, oh joy! Will there be a party sumwherez or sumfin?

There needs to be. I'm thinking of arranging something, but I have no house there!

Fabulous! I will definitely try to get up there whenever someone makes a party plan!

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