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July 20, 2008


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I cannot believe I paid $5 for that MUNI ride. I feel cheated...

Yeah, we took the T home. Thanks for the heads up on the bars; didn't see them. If I'm ever in that part of town again I'll search them out, though I doubt I'll be in that part of town again without a reason already. Like I said: pretty dead.

uhm, there are bars nearby - try 22nd and 3rd (a block away from Tennessee). Good restaurants and bars. And, the T-third MUNI line takes you right there.

Wrong side of the street? Don't feel too stupid. Try standing at the shelter for half an hour wondering where the hell your bus is only to be told when you finally ask somebody that your dumb ass is on Market Street and the bus you're waiting for is on Mission.

Okay, so I just accidentally deleted a comment from the awesome Eve. Fuck.

Brit - Thank you so much for the shout out!! SO glad you could make it to the party. Did I mention I love your new haircut? I did? Okay. Making sure.

We should definitely hang out more!

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