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August 15, 2008


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Is Vera still at it with the cabbing? She seemed to really enjoy it for a while. I'd go crazy with all the weirdness. I'm not quite that much of a people person.

"People who smoke rock are the best tippers."

I'm going to be working that into my conversations for DAYS.

Love it. I used to have to take long cab rides from LAX to Hollywood, when I was about 20 and fresh out of Cookeville, and I heard some doozies too. This one driver told me about having to go inside a house and help peel a starlet up off the floor. I wish I remembered the details.

Your SF posts are so happy-hour full. You are really living.

You know, I have had a series of these magical best cab drivers ever in San Francisco. Each one is different, and each one is amazing. My tips are A) always get them talking, you never know what great unique SF story they will tell you, and B) You will see him again. The city is small, and there are not too many cab drivers. They have amazing memories too, and they'll always remind you "hey, I drove you before, remember?"

There may not be much in the way of seasons here, but there is a lot in the way of magic.

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